3 maxims I learned from Hawkings

(Photo by Wikipedia)

RIP Stephen Hawking. I have followed his thoughts and words since I was a tiny kid. I loved that what he said made so much logical sense and his love of the stars and the universe was infectious in my soul. I grew up in wonder of life and the universe and I still do. Hawking’s intelligence was a fair scale to measure the undeniable horror of humanity and the easy embrace of all that is incredibly ignorant as truth by so many. “illusion of knowledge is far more dangerous than ignorance”. And hence, here we are. The wise have said the same throughout history and the masses have done exactly the opposite. In a sense, it is fitting Stephen passed away in this era. Where science is now absurdly called “fake news” by so many idiots in power.

3 maxims I learned from Hawkings:

1)Find what you truly love in life and never ever give up. Dig ditches to put food on the table if need be, but NEVER give up what makes your heart , brain, and soul sing in unison.

2)If you get to be a lucky soul who have love in your life, never let it go.

3)As you travel your path of life, look up at the stars and not down at your feet.

I have lived by these 3 simple rules as long as I can remember. And for me, it saved my life. Thank you, Dr. Stephen Hawking. Although, we never met, in a sense we have over and over again. RIP. You are in a better place.