Happy Holidays from Gene Ess Shimosato, NYC!

Happy Holidays! 2017 is now coming rapidly to an end. 2017 was a great year personally for myself but I had a lot of anguish over the political climate that is now swirling in the U.S., and hence pretty much the rest of the world. Ignorance, hatred, divisiveness, sexism, racism, violence, and on and on. Low level thinking is still so ubiquitous all around the world when it is clear that with all the technology available to us now to wipe out humanity, diversity and inclusiveness along with justice and compassion and love and respect for all lives is really the only way. Hate and violence only breeds more hate and violence. History has taught nothing, I guess.

As for my music, I had an incredible tour of Japan this past summer. I met some new friends and also some old ones and was very honored to have performed with such great people all around Japan. And returning to Okinawa where I grew up with my music for four nights was really special.

In less that 2 weeks, I will be taking my band Fractal Attraction into the recording studio in Brooklyn to record our fourth album. I will have really wonderful musicians with me to interpret my compositions. The music is inspired my summer tour of Japan. Thana Alexa will be on voice, Sebastien Ammann on piano, Yasushi Nakamura on bass, and Clarence Penn on drums!~ So looking forward to sharing my new music with all of you. It should be released around fall of 2018.

Currently, my booking manager and I are working on a tour of Japan in April of 2018. This time, I will bring some important members from NYC as well. This will be Fractal Attraction NY/Tokyo. More specific information will come very shortly once all the dates are confirmed!

Well, looking forward to more beautiful music in 2018 and I am planning to add more contents to the site one click at a time!

Happy Holidays to all of you and thanks for listening!