My thoughts on 少女時代 aka Girls’ Generation

Couple of years back, I had the fortune of meeting the lyricist for Girls’ Generation. She composed lyrics for songs which Girl’s Generation would sing in Japanese. This lyricist told me that this k-pop group is ridiculously strong. Hence, my interest was piqued and decided to check them out.


Long story short, I have been a fan ever since. The compositions are superb, the production is envious, and the whole project is very smart. By the way, Girls’ Generation is the highest grossing pop act ever, period. Not Madonna, Taylor Swift, Beatles, or whatever. In Asia, we don’t openly talk about our financial blessings as much as the western culture. Modesty is a virtue.


So I got notice that their new album will be released while I am in Japan for my summer tour. I found a day off and went to Tower Records in Shibuya and picked up their new album titled “Holiday Night”. I was blown away from the soundscape. The pre and post production is out of this world. The obsession to every detail is incredible.

私はこの夏のジャパンツアーのために日本にいる間、少女時代の新しいアルバムがリリースされることに気付きました。オフに渋谷のタワーレコードに行って、「Holiday Night」という新しいアルバムを手に入れました。私はアルバムのサウンドスケープに吹き飛ばされるほど驚きました。プリプロダクションとポストプロダクションが神秘的。これまでの音楽界に収まらない世界観。そして音の細部へのこだわりは信じられないほどです。

少女時代 GIRLS’ GENERATION – Holiday Night

I find it kind of off beat that someone like myself who grew up with Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Coltrane, Bird, Miles, etc is compelled to write about a bubblegum pop act but I find it fascinating when someone decides to sell yet another ice cream sundae and then goes on to do everything humanly possible to make the best ice cream sundae in the world. Girl’s Generation is really the shit, folks. No joke.

ベートーヴェン、モーツァルト、ショパン、コルトレーン、バード、マイルズなどを聞いて育った僕がバブルガムポップについて語るのは少し気がひけるけど… 現代は同じようなものばかり売るこの世の中です。例えばアイスサンデー。でも少女時代のプロデューサーは世界一のアイスサンデーを目指しています。本当に尊敬します。少女時代はジャズミュージシャンからの視線でもマジすごいです!本当にヤバい。いい意味でね。