So far in Japan Summer Tour 2017

Just a few words on my experience here in Japan for my summer tour 2017. I’ve had a incredible time and also some amazing moments here in Japan. On a musical level, the Japanese jazz artists have come a long way and play really well since my last visit 20+ years ago. And it is very gratifying to see jazz respected and honored to this level here in Japan. There has to to be more jazz venues in Japan than jazz musicians! And each club I’ve come across is aesthetically great. From a charming little joint to a full blown jazz club, I can see that the owners really care.

I’ve also got to meet many new jazz musicians some Japanese and others who have moved to Japan from around the world. Really beautiful cats who play really really well. So glad to have been able to hook up this summer full of music. New friendships and camaraderie born out of music.

So Upward and Onward with my music in this world that sometimes can be horrific. Really happy to be step away from the U.S. political climate for a moment. And cherish the beauty that is a life of being a jazz musician.